1.  Aerodromes

1.1  Charts other than approach charts
Civil (land)

Civil (water)

Joint civil and military (land)

Joint civil and military (water)

Military (land)

Military (water)

Emergency aerodrome or aerodrome with no facilities

Sheltered anchorage


1.2  Approach charts
The aerodrome on which the procedure is based

Aerodromes affecting the traffic pattern on the aerodrome on which the procedure is based

1.3  Aerodrome charts
Hard surface runway

Unpaved runway


2.  Aerodrome Installations and lights

Aerodrome reference point (ARP)

Taxiways and parking areas

Control tower

Point light


Marine light

Obstacle light

Aeronautical ground light

Wind direction indicator (lighted)

Wind direction indicator (unlighted)

Landing direction indicator (lighted)

Landing direction indicator (unlighted)

3.  Miscellaneous

Highest elevation on chart


Group obstacles

Note: Numerals in italics indicate elevation of top of obstacle above sea level. Upright numerals in parentheses indicate height above specified datum.

Restricted airspace (prohibited, restricted or danger areas)

Common boundary of two areas

Transmission line or overhead cable