1.  General

1.1 The holding, approach and departure procedures in use are based on those contained in ICAO Doc 8168-OPS/611. (PANS-OPS).
1.2 Airspeeds listed are the maximum Indicated Airspeed (IAS) applicable at the designated holding altitudes and for aircraft types listed. Pilots are expected to hold at/or less than the specified airspeed when practicable.
up to 14 000 feet inclusive 170 knots (2) 230 knots (3) 170 knots (2) 280 knots
above 14 000 feet to 20 000 feet inclusive240 knots (4) 280 knots or 0.8 Mach whichever is less
above 20 000 feet to 34 000 feet inclusive265 knots (4) 280 knots or 0.8 Mach whichever is less
above 34 000 feet0.83 Mach0.83 Mach
  1. The levels tabulated represent "altitudes" or corresponding "flight levels" depending upon the altimeter setting in use;

  2. For holdings limited to category A and B aircraft only;

  3. When the holding procedure is followed by the initial segment of an instrument approach procedure promulgated at a speed higher than 230 knots, the higher speed should also be used wherever possible; and

  4. Where possible, 280 knots should be use for holding procedures associated with airway route structures.

2.  Arriving flights

2.1  IFR flights entering and landing within a Terminal Control Area will be cleared to a specified holding point and instructed to contact Approach Control at a specified time, level or position. The terms of this clearance shall be adhered to until further instructions are received from Approach Control. If the clearance limit is reached before further instructions have been received, a holding procedure shall be carried out at the level last authorized.
2.2 Due to the limited airspace available, it is important that the approaches to the patterns and the holding procedures are carried out as exactly as possible. Pilots are strongly requested to inform ATC if, for any reason, the approach and/or holding can not be performed as required.

3.  Departing flights

3.1  IFR flights departing from controlled aerodromes will initially receive ATC clearance from the local aerodrome control tower. The clearance limit will normally be the aerodrome of destination. IFR flights departing from non-controlled aerodromes will not take-off without prior arrangement with Bangkok Area Control Centre.
3.2 Departure instructions are in accordance with ICAO Doc 4444 - ATM/501.