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AIP Supplement for Thailand


A 21/20

Effective from 10 SEP 2020

to UFN

Published on 30 JUL 2020



This section supplements the following portion(s) of the AIP: AD

  With effect from 10 September 2020 0001 UTC, Airspace Management Cell (AMC) has been established in Thailand for day-to-day management of airspace according to Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA) concept. The objectives of AMC are:

  To enhance civil and military airspace coordination procedure for the application of Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA) level 2 (pre-tactical level)

  To coordinate military training areas and also civil activities areas in order to maximize shared use of airspace through civil/military co-ordination

  To manage and promulgate the daily allocation of flexible use of airspace structures

  To increase the capacity, efficiency and safety of airspace use

  To provide information and effective coordination with air traffic flow management unit


  In accordance to ICAO Circular 330: Civil/Military Cooperation in Air Traffic Management, the basic for the FUA concept is that airspace should no longer be designated as military or civil airspace but should be considered as one continuum and used flexibly on a day-to-day basis. Any necessary airspace segregation is temporary, based on real-time usage within a specific time period.

The FUA concept has been developed at the three levels of Airspace Management that correspond to Civil/Military co-ordination tasks. Each Airspace Management (ASM) level has an impact on the others:

  1. Strategic Level 1 - Definition of the national airspace policy and establishment of pre-determined airspace structures;

  2. Pre-tactical Level 2 - Day-to-day allocation of airspace according to user requirements;

  3. Tactical Level 3 - Real-time use of airspace allowing safe Operational Air Traffic & General Air Traffic (OAT&GAT) operations.

Conditional Routes

Conditional Routes (CDRs) are designed to supplement the permanent ATS-route network and to allow flights to be planned on ATS-routes, or portions thereof, that are not always available. The following types of CDRs are available in Thailand:

  1. CDR1 will be plannable in the same way as permanent ATS routes for time periods published in the AIP.

  2. CDR2 routes are non-permanently plannable CDRs whose availability are coordinated between AEROTHAI and military units and disseminated to aircraft operators for flight planning purposes. Flight on a CDR2 can only be flight planned when the CDR is made available.

  3. CDR3 routes are not available for flight planning; however, ATC Units may issue tactical clearances on such route segments. Aircraft operators are invited to refer to AIP ENR 3 ATS routes for additional information regarding latest CDRs published in Thailand. The availability condition of the CDRs will be detailed in the Remarks section.


  Airspace users, civil or military, who wish to reserve airspace for use and issue NOTAMs of airspace warning should contact and submit requests to AMC in advance.

  For military exercise areas that are published in AIP-Thailand, the daily planned exercise period shall be submitted to AMC before 0930 UTC or by 1400 UTC at the latest, 1 working day in advance primarily through AMC website,

Any airspace requests or changes submitted to AMC after 1400 UTC via the website shall be processed and handled tactically the next day.

Outside of AMC operating hours, urgent inquiries can be coordinated using contact channels listed in section 6.

  For areas temporarily reserved (areas not published in AIP-Thailand) for civil or military uses, requests should be submitted to AMC 7 days in advance primarily through AMC website.

Note: During the transition period, NOTAM applications regarding the use of airspace submitted to CAAT will be forwarded to AMC consideration and NOTAMs will be issued accordingly.


  AUP and UUP

  Warning of airspace use and other related information will be published via NOTAMs as well as summarized in daily Airspace Use Plan (AUP) available on the AMC (Thailand) website, Changes to AUP will be notified via Updated Airspace Use Plan (UUP).

  AUP/UUP will cover 24-hour time period between 1700 UTC to 1659 UTC of next day or 0000 LT to 2359 LT in Thailand. AUP will be published at 1000 UTC while UUP will be published between 1000 UTC - 1430 UTC, the evening of the working day before operations.

  The contents of AUP/UUP in AMC website available to public are as follows;

  AUP-A, The list of available CDRs category 2 and Military areas availability

  AUP-B, The list of closed permanent ATS route and CDRs category 1

  AUP-C, The list of TSAs and TRAs and AMC manageable D and R areas

  AUP-D, The list of changed airspace restrictions

  AUP-E, The list of reduced coordination airspace

  AUP-F, The list of additional information and Series J-NOTAM (warning NOTAM)

Note: NOTAMs will issued only when airspace warning is necessary.

Flight Planning

  Through coordination on airspace use between concerning civil and military units, availability of CDR2 will be notified via NOTAMs and AUP/UUP details as mentioned in previous sections. The airline operators or flight dispatchers can look for CDR2 route availability and file flight plan accordingly. Flights on CDR2 can only be flight planned when the CDRs are made available.

  Any foreseen period of non-availability of CDR1 will, whenever practicable, be notified to the operators by NOTAMs and summarized in AUP/UUP.

  In the event of tactical changes and short-notice unavailability of a CDR2, flights will be instructed by ATC to use alternative routes. Final use of airspace is subject to real-time civil/military coordination through ATC clearance.


  Pre-tactical coordination and planning of airspace use are conducted Monday - Friday between 0100-1000 UTC, except for Legal Holidays.

Outside operation hours, planning and inquiries on the use of airspace will be handled by Bangkok Air Traffic Flow Management Unit (BKK ATFMU).


  Airspace Management Cell (Thailand)

Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Ltd.

102 Ngamduplee Tungmahamek, Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

AMC website for submitting airspace request and for AUP/UUP Information:

Outside operating hours, please contact BKK ATFMU:


  This AIRAC AIP Supplement will remain current until information has been published in AIP-Thailand.