Chapter 5. Guide to the eAIP Specimen

The eAIP Specimen was developed by EUROCONTROL in order to test the Specification and to demonstrate some of it's capabilities. It's data content is entirely fictitious and it is based on the content of the ICAO Specimen AIP, as included into ICAO Doc 8126 - AIS Manual.

The eAIP Specimen is included into the eAIP Package and includes the files contained in the following directories:


Navigation and tool tips

  • "Hint" text for abbreviations and location indicators :

    • Put the mouse pointer over certain indicators and the name of the location will be displayed (for example, within the AD 2.x titles);

    • Put the mouse pointer on abbreviations displayed in "small caps" and the meaning will be displayed (ex: GEN 0.1.1); Netscape 7 adds a dotted underline to the abbreviations, so they are easily identifiable;

  • Internal links:

    • From 0.6 (ToC) sections to various sections

    • Textual references, for example in GEN 0.1

    • From ENR 4.3 (designated points) to the routes where the points are used

    • From GEN 2.4 to the aerodromes or heliports

  • Remarks: in ENR 3.x route tables, move the mouse over remark references (ex: (1))


The Specimen contains a lot of fictitious amendments, notably in GEN 0.1, GEN 1.1, GEN 2.4, GEN 3.1, ENR 3.1, ENR 3.2, ENR 3.3, ENR 4.1, ENR 4.3, ENR 6, AD 2 HUEN.


System requirements

The eAIP Specimen has been tested with Internet Explorer 5.5 or later with Adobe SVG Viewer 3.0 plug-in. Other browsers, such as Netscape 7, will generally work, but visualising SVG graphics will be restricted by the availability of an appropriate SVG viewer plug-in.


It is recommended that the graphics included into the eAIP are made available in SVG format. For technical reasons, most of the graphics included into the ICAO Specimen AIP were available only in raster format. For examples of graphics in SVG format, please see ENR 6 - En-route charts - history page.


Currently, the eAIP Specimen provided by EUROCONTROL is available in English only. The "Version française" option was included into the menu for demonstration purpose.